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Bespoke furniture

The finish on antique furniture is one of its most important aspects that gives evidence of its history and age.

So it is most important that the finish and patina are preserved.

With this in mind I am able to refinish your items to remove obtrusive stains and marks, caused by spillages or

heat, clean surfaces and revitalise the finish.

French polishing is undertaken as well as oil and wax finishing which

ever is correct for the age of the

piece. Veneering is also done to repair missing or damaged areas of furniture.The laying of veneers is a skilled process.

In restoration work I lay the veneers by hand using both traditional and modern glues.

My customers include Ragdale Hall Spa and Orange Tree Pubs

Bespoke Joinery/Design & Make

Custom built furniture. In addition to restoration I can design and make furniture in both traditional and

modern styles. Whether you take your inspiration from classic styles, a piece you've seen in a shop or one of

your own ideas, I can work with you to create furniture to your specific requirements that is unique and

individual to you.

Have your own design commissioned and turned into a piece of high-quality handmade furniture that is built to

last you a lifetime.

Changing dimensions : I can also reproduce period or modern furniture altering its properties and dimensions so that it can fit into

the smaller, contemporary home.

Storage solutions: These can be created to hide technology in a period setting. Alternatively, built-in storage can be constructed

to make good use of every ounce of space in a smaller home.

My furniture is hand crafted which brings with it an attention to detail and quality of finish not found on the high-street. See photo

gallery and latest news pages to see some close-up pictures of my work.

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